Crawling all your web pages is an important aspect of SEO and if your site is not being crawled, your SEO rankings may get hurt.
SEO is a very broad term and it has a lot of things in it. The Best Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai should be hired to get the best services and help in order to rank higher.
The architecture of your website matters a lot since it helps in crawling and indexing better. It is important that your sites are crawled soon in order to get a good amount of traffic. For crawling and indexing pages search engines make use of spiders and bots and there are ways for speeding the process of crawling and indexing.
In today’s guide, we will see how to help Google to crawl the website effectively.

Updated content
Content is the most imperative criteria for indexing websites. Updating content every day will alarm search engines about your site. Many businesses give day-by-day content updates. Online journals are the simplest and most moderate approach to deliver new substance all the time. It is recommended that you give crisp substance no less than four times every week to enhance your search rate. Make your site feel refreshed all the time.

Websites scalability
Host your website on a dependable server with great uptime. We do not want Google bots to visit your websites amid downtime. Truth be told, if your site is down for long, Google crawlers will set crawling time in a manner that it will get difficult for you to index your content faster.

Creation of sitemaps
Creating sitemaps is one of the initial things that you can do to influence your site in order to crawl is faster by search engine bots. In WordPress, you can utilize Google XML sitemap module to produce dynamic sitemap and submit it to Webmaster device.

Original content
Duplicate content is always a NO for search engines. It can not only decrease your business reputation but also restrict search engines to crawl your web page. Fresh, original and relevant content is the best and can optimize your web page for better.
You should provide new and important content. Content can be anything from blog postings to recordings. There are numerous approaches to advance your content for web indexes.
Utilizing content strategies can likewise enhance your crawl rate. It is always the best to keep the content on your website original.

Make use of pillar pages
Pillar pages not only improve the architecture of your website but also helps search engines to crawl deeper and more effectively. When you write a new blog post, make sure that you link the older blog posts that are related to the topic. This is also called as internal linking and it helps Google to index pages efficiently and faster.

Block unwanted pages
With the help of robots.txt block access to unwanted pages like admin and back-end folders. Crawling these pages will make no sense. Robots.txt are scripts that inform search engines which pages to crawl and which to now. There are different text files for different purposes. You can block from crawling such unwanted pages using one of the robots.txt scripts.
All of the methods mentioned above will help Google to crawl your websites and index the pages faster. Google has more than 200 ranking factors and the above points are also part of these factors. Therefore keeping these points in mind will help you in a long run to not only speed up the crawling and indexing process but to also rank higher. - a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai describe provides the best SEO services in Mumbai. We are able to assist many different digital marketing needs.