Facebook is being used worldwide by many businesses. Digital marketers consider Facebook as the best social media marketing platform for promoting businesses and for brand awareness. Facebook offers various features for marketing any business. It is said that only 25% of businesses using Facebook have received a positive return on investment. This is because very few really know how to optimize Facebook whereas many are still unaware of it. Facebook mentions and tags also play a role in optimizing Facebook. But, many of know that Facebook Mentions can use by only the big brands and the top companies, but we, the Best Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai will explain you in detail about the Facebook Mentions.

Today we, as a best Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai will go through a guide for Facebook mentions and tags and what is the difference between the two because many people consider it as one.

Facebook mention is when some mention your name or business in the comment. The name is in a blue color that is linked to your profile or business page. When anyone clicks on your name, they are redirected to your profile or business page. The business or, profile gets a notification stating that they were mentioned.

The Facebook tag is when you are in the post and someone tags you to inform Facebook that you were with them. It comes as (Your name) is with (the business or profile name). The business or profile gets a notification stating that they were tagged.

So basically mention is when you talk about someone whereas tag is when you are with someone.
Therefore, this is the main difference between tags and mentions.

Well, you can mention personal profiles and business pages but you cannot tag business pages. Tags are only for personal profiles. You can do a check in for a business page but not for a personal profile.

The advantages of tagging are:

• When you tag anyone, you not only get attention from that particular person but your post also serves on their friends Facebook feed. Hence, you get a good amount of reach and also attention form their friends.

• This can be a great technique to reach out to double the audience.

How do you mention someone on Facebook?

Mentioning someone on Facebook is very easy. If you are friends with the person you want to mention, you just have to write their name and Facebook will automatically give a drop down of options. You can then select the person or business you want to mention.

If you are not friends with the person, you want to mention, you have to add @ before typing the name. When you add @, Facebook automatically again gives a drop down of options and then you can select the page or personal profile that you want to mention.

Isn’t it very easy?

How do you tag people?

The process of tagging is also very easy. On the top there is a tab where you can upload images, videos or text, when you select an image, you will see an option of tagging friends. Well, you can only tag your friends. If there is any face in your picture, Facebooks face recognition automatically suggests people tag.

When you tag someone, the name is liked to their personal profile in blue.

There is another way of tagging. When you upload the image, there is an icon of tagging beside the image. From there to you can tag people. Once the tagging is done, the person tagged gets a notification.

If you want to tag a person in many pictures, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the album that you have uploaded

2. On the right top, you will see an option of tagging

3. Click on it and mention the name of the person you want to tag

4. Choose the photos that you want to tag that person

5. And last click on save tags

Well, before Facebook pages were not allowed to tag but now Facebook allows to tag pages.

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